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Endless possibilities!

Amazing water-based markers that can be used on virtually any surface, with no bleed or loss of colour intensity.


Pens that changed the way we write.

Uni pens have always been about making writing easier. To provide a flow of ink that lets you write boldly or delicately, quickly or deliberately. To provide a feel in the hand that is always comfortable and never fatiguing.

Uni - Leader in Pen Innovations

The Uni-ball eye range was one of the biggest innovations in writing instruments in the ‘90s. Uni-ball’s continuous flow of ink created a new ease of writing that hasn’t been surpassed to this day.

Other ranges, such as Signo and Jetstream, are also technology leaders, thanks to their nib design and ink quality. Uni Posca markers are another first, water-based paint markers that can be used on all surfaces, giving them a myriad of uses.

Owned by Mitsubishi Pencil Co, the Uni brand is a leader in markets around the world including New Zealand. Represented by Croxley for more than 25 years, Uni continues to offer superior performance, design excellence and on-going product innovation.